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B est & Unique Crazy status for WhatsApp
Well, craziness is certainly going viral all over! Whether it be for selfies, photographs or quotes! Therefore I guess, choosing all those things, people will search for a few of the crazy whatsapp status lines and quotations for WhatsApp.

If you are seeking a few lines to put on your Crazy WhatsApp status, then this is what you’ll be looking for. Start choosing cool whatsapp status, latest whatsapp status, best whatsapp love status, short status from here and get connected with your WhatsApp friends.

crazy status
crazy status

God is very creative, after all, just check out me!

I hate fake people. You know what I’m discussing.

I’m not lazy; I’m on energy preservation mode.

I like my job only once I’m on holiday.

Never make attention contact while eating a banana.

Life is Brief – Chat Fast!

If life offers you lemons, just add vodka.

Hi, WhatsApp is using me.

I wish people appeared as if their personalities.

Don’t hurt anyone who is special in your daily life.

People say nothing’s impossible, but I do nothing at all every day.

I wish I possibly could track record my dreams watching them later.

I desire a life span lover, not a night time enthusiast.

Work less, rest more, and live much longer.

I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 techniques won’t work.

Everything is rightly puzzled.

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nice crazy status

The main Shareholder in your daily life is you.

Believe me; you will party- Alcohol

I do not get drunk, I get amazing.

High power includes important power bills.

Life is brief. Smile when you still have the tooth.

Follow your center but take the human brain with you.

Enjoy your life there’s enough of your energy to be lifeless.

Silent folks have the craziest brains.

People thought to follow your dreams. Therefore, I returned to bed.

Do what you like, does is subject what exactly are you doing!

You could have the perfect face for radio.

Well, I possibly could trust you, but we’d both be incorrect.

You appear to be a before picture.

Whatever it is — I didn’t take action!

If you cannot convince them, mistake them.

When there is a “WILL,” there is 500 family.

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crazy status for whatsapp

I speak my head. I never brain what I speak.

No, I didn’t trip. The ground appeared as if it needed a hug.

Life is Brief – Chat Fast!

Failure is no option; it comes bundled with Home windows.

I like my job once I am holidaying.

I simply need two getaways each year that last half a year each.

Love they neighbor, but ensure you don’t get trapped.

I am never in an unfortunate feeling, its people around me that suck.

I never lay, I am a fiction loudspeaker.

Fake people value their status; real people provide a damn.

God is creative, After all. Just take a look at me

Open Catalogs, Not Lower limbs. Blow Imagination, Not Guys.

Born expressing not to make an impression.

The street to success is obviously under construction.

I will get, not immediately But Definitely.

Go what your location is celebrated not tolerated!

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crazy statuses

Whenever you stop going after, they start realizing!

If you cannot convince them, mistake them.

Many people are someone’s dream, and also you were mine.

My partner dresses to destroy. She cooks the same manner.

I like my job only once I’m on holiday

Unless you succeed initially, hide all data that you attempted.

Sometimes once I close my sight, I cannot see.

Weather forecast for tonight: dark

I don’t get more aged; I level up.

I’m great during intercourse; I can rest for days.

I have already been to numerous places, but my goal is to go everywhere you go.

I’m trying to believe how I could think of what I wish to think.

Love is relentless, so am I.

I knew I would take the wrong train. Therefore I left early.

Toilet paper: highly useful, yet unacceptable as something special.

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