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Top Cute Friendship Whatsapp Statuses for You

Among many types of cute love WhatsApp status, a few of them are the most popular. Today I am posting with you the best and top cute WhatsApp status for you. You may get Cute Whatsapp Statuses here. People love to use cute status, especially Cute Whatsapp Statuses for girls, that’s why I am showing you the best cute relationship status with you.

Top Cute Friendship Whatsapp Statuses for You

  • It kills individuals who wish to see you weep.

  • You’re the turning point in my life.

  • You’re the very last thing on my brain before I drift off.

  • The moment I wish to be with you, I close my eye.

  • Time can’t ever change my emotions for you.

  • I don’t mind looking forward to you because you’re worthwhile.

  • Be what you would like to be, not what others want to see.

  • You’re my angel that provides me wings to take flight high.

  • I just had a pleasant accident; I fell deeply in love with you.



Cute Statuses for WhatsApp And Love

Moreover, most of us who use status about love wants to look cool in front of their friends and relatives. So, we have shared a list of funny love status, cute love WhatsApp status for him, funny status, Cute Whatsapp Statuses in Hindi, here those will surely cause you to look cool in the eyes of others. Also, by setting up the impressive looking unique WhatsApp statuses, it changes your WhatsApp friends perception against you that you are a cool person.

Cute Statuses for WhatsApp And Love

  • Don’t be considered in movements, be the Common.

  • No one is ideal until you show up deeply in love with them.

  • It eliminates the people who wish to see you weep.

  • No one is ideal until you land deeply in love with them.

  • A down economy never previous but hard people do.

  • I’d walk a million miles, for just one of your smiles.

  • Distance is merely a test to observe how great love can travel.

  • Anybody can say that they love you. Just a few will establish it.

  • Distance never separates two heart and soul that worry.

Cute Statuses for WhatsApp Adventures

One of the most wanted types of statuses is Cute Whatsapp Statuses. The main reason why this particular category is most well-liked by an unbelievable number of WhatsApp users is that it offers a little aspect of naughtiness in them. It works in a manner that when a user selects a cute status or cute love status Hindi, cute status for Whatsapp in English, best WhatsApp status, to use on their account with a cute WhatsApp status, it acknowledges the other visitor with a smile on their faces.

Cute Statuses for WhatsApp Adventures

  • Where there is love, there exists life.

  • You do not know how fast my center beats as I see you!

  • Some love one, some love two. I like one – that is you.

  • Each morning would be perfect easily woke up next for you.

  • I love my entire life because it’s you.

  • You’re the ping to my pong.

  • There is nothing fine, however when I’m along everything is okay.

  • I’m selfish because I am going never to discuss you with other people.


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