Discus Fish – Learn About breeding and caring for these magnificent fish

Discus Fish is a freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes. It is basically find to the Amazon River basin in South America. As a result of their unique shape and bright colors, discuses are popular as freshwater aquarium fish. These are kept in a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals. They are also sometimes mentioned as pompadour fish.

These are my experiences keeping discus fish and helping beginners keep discus.

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Family:                          cichlids

Kingdom:                     Animalia

Class:                             Actinopterygii

Scientific name:        Symphysodon

Order:                           Cichliformes

Do you know?                             

Symphysodon are extremely social and classically occurring in groups. These groups may keep dozens of individuals, which is exclusive among cichlids of the America.

How Big Of A Tank Do You Need For Discus Fish?

Tank size usually depends upon the number fish you want to keep in that tank. Bigger one is better because it contain more water which makes it easier to maintain quality. If somebody buys smaller Discus and they have more water in tank. More water in tank will lead towards the better growth for the fish. It is better 120 l/26 gal tank minimum and, with practical farming, one fish per 20 litters of water is fine.

What is the ideal temperature for discus?

Temperature of water in the fish tank is the main factor as it controls the growth of fish. The best aquarium temperature for Discus is about 82°F to 88°F (28°C-31°C). Note that more temperature such as these lower dissolved oxygen and limit the number of fish housed in the aquarium. Use an aquarium heater to maintain proper water temperature.

How long do discus fish live in a tank?

Discus Fish can be breed to 9 inches and will live up to 10 years. Altered patterns and colors can keep together and will easily breed together. Whereas, discus Fish do not technically school and will do well by themselves. We recommend that kept them in groups of three at least.

Can you keep a single discus?

As we mention above that Discus fish belong to the Cichlid family. Conversely, unlike their family members, these are peaceful and quite friendly. Meanwhile, they wish to live in groups, it is significant to keep them in a community of at least 3 to 6 fish. As discus itself is costly, it does not mean that its tank mates will also be expensive.

What kind of water do discus need?

Water and its temperature is the main factor Discus fish. They usually prefer to live in warm, soft and low acidic water. For acidic water PH should be between 6.0 and 7.0, with hardness between 1° and 4° dKH. Temperature should be kept between 82° and 86° F, although wild Heckle discuses prefer water near to 90° F.

How fast does discus grow?

With the increase of the discus fish in the smaller tanks I achieve uniform and faster growth. A discus fish of size 2 ½ inch is only three months old when they are transported to clients. Growth rate from 2 ½ inches to 4 inches keeping the fish in a small aquarium will take four months.

Are discus fish easy to take care of?

As discus fish are the most beautiful tropical fish. But to keep them may be a great challenge for you. Because their environment is extremely important for these reactive fish. The main thing in caring for Discus fish is to keep the tan neat and clean. These fish are very sensitive to disease and water conditions.

What is the minimum amount of discus?

It is mention clearly that these fish want to live in groups so, six discus are recommended

The one thing to keep in mind before you buy the tank for your new discus is how big it needs to be. You will require allowing ten gallons for each fish. Also discus as a shoaling species, six discuses will need to be kept.

What type of food usually discus fish like?

There are many conflicting points on the internet about feeding discus. However, we wish to make it very clear and simple for our customers.

Here are main points that I am doing with my discus for several years with great success.

First Thing people mostly ask,

How Frequently Should I feed my discus?

We mostly share our experience about feeding the discus. When discus is in early stage of age they eat food many times day. With the increase of age factor it become easy to feed them. Follow the points given below for better growth of your fish.

  • Between 3 months of age I feed 10 to 12 times per day.
  • Under the 3 to 12 months of age– feed up them five times per day.
  • More than 12 months of age– feed two to three times per day.

Be Aware to not to overfeed them. As, excess of everything is bad. Overfeeding the discus may cause health problems and water pollution.

What should I feed them?

Nearly each and every discus enjoys the food that is floating around and that is at the bottom. Because of the great natures of discus fish, every fish like a specific food more than others! As a result, one should feed them various types of foods.

Food should contain following nutrients.

High Protein Flake Food
Frozen Blood Worms — Be careful! Only frozen. Not live one, because live worms can cause Sponger problems. Therefore stay away from live worms.
Beef Heart Flakes

You may use the food for better growth of your discus fish as given below.

  • Seachem Nutrient Diet Discus Food
  • Cobalt Aquatics Hans Fish Food

·         Ocean Nutrition Flakes

·         Sera Granules for Fish

As a conclusion of food, discus fish food is particularly related in keeping discus healthy. So, make sure that you are feeding them a variety of foods. Keep a close eye on the quantity you feed them.

Finally, we try our best to provide almost all the information about discus fish. It is a much beneficial to keep , take care of discus fish honestly, feed them properly and sale them.


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