Friendship Status for WhatsAspp | Awesome lines about Friend

Today, we’ve compiled Friends statuses that you can post on your WhatsApp status for friendship. Surely you are going to love such beautiful words from here and share status about friends with you buddies.

  • A friend is somebody who knows about you but still loves you.

  • Friends are given birth to, not made.

  • Rare as holds true love, true companionship is more exceptional.

  • The terms of friendship are not words but meanings.

  • Real friends stab you in leading.

  • The planet is around so that camaraderie may encircle it.

  • A friendship that can hardly ever end started!

  • I don’t have a lot of friends; I simply know a whole lot of people.

  • A friend is somebody who has learned all abt you and recognize you as u are.

  • Individuals who tolerate me on a daily basis! Are real heroes in my eye.

  • I’ve learned that once a friendship is shattered.. it never gets regular again!

  • A friend is somebody who offers you the total independence to be yourself.


It’s likely you have a lot of friends around you, and you understand their importance in your daily life for friend status. When friends remain, they don’t even enable you to feel alone through funny friendship quotes. They’ll continually be there for your support also to make you laugh using friends statuses when you truly require it.

  • An individual rose can be my garden. A special good friend, my world.

  • Of all property, a friend is the most important.

  • Of all belongings, a buddy is the most special.

  • The most I could do for my friend is merely be his good friend status.

  • A friend understands the song in my center and sings it if you ask me when my storage fails.

  • Friends are given birth to, not made.

  • A friend is a person who is aware of you and enjoys you merely the same.

  • The only path to truly have a friend is usually to be one.

  • Things should never be quite as terrifying when you experience a best good friend.

  • Friends are like personalities, they come and go. However, the ones that stay will be the ones that shine.


Friend Status will be the greatest gift of life, and they’re most significant part of life. Therefore, the pleasant relationship day is focused as best friendship quotes. Real friends are always around if we are in big trouble and they’re also around to take pleasure from our success and get sad with your failure. You can also get Pleasure of Pain you are getting.

  1. Friends are God’s way of caring for us.

  2. A friendly relationship doubles your joys and divides your sorrows.

  3. A street to a friend’s house is never long.

  4. A friendly relationship is one head in two bodies.

  5. A friend may be reckoned the masterpiece of aspect.

  6. Friends will be the siblings God never provided us.

  7. A friend to all or any is a friend to none.

  8. A friend is exactly what the center needs on a regular basis.

  9. Friends are like Personalities.. you can’t always see them, nevertheless, you know they’re always there.

  10. An individual rose can be my garden. A special good friend, my world.


Being truly a friend means dealing with another with proper manner and kindness because they mean so much to you for funny friend quotes. Whether it be the top of success or depth of failure, you can always count and use friends status for WhatsApp on the helping hands of your best friend status.

  • My best good friend is the person who in wishing me well wants it for my sake.

  • One loyal, good friend will probably be worth ten thousand family members.

  • A man’s friendships are among the finest procedures of his value.

  • More beautiful than all the superstars that glimmer is the center of a caring friend.

  • A friend is a person who understands you and is in love with you merely the same.

  • We didn’t know we were making recollections; we were just having a great time.

  • Per day spend with friends is often per day well spend.

  • The best reflection can be an old friend.

  • Relation of camaraderie is greater than your connection of the bloodstream.

  • A friend is somebody who knows about you but still loves you.

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