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Funny Whatsapp Status are shared here, the list is completed based on the exchange of each status update on public social media sites like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc., so they are the top funny status for WhatsApp this season.

Funny Status

I wonder what goes on when doctor’s better half eats an apple every day.

The only real time success comes before work is the dictionary.

I’ve enough money to go on me the others of my entire life unless I buy something.

I always imagine being truly a millionaire like my uncle! He’s thinking too.

Don’t kiss behind your garden; Love is blind however the neighbors aren’t.

God is very creative, after all just take a look at me.

Everything funnier whenever you said to be quiet.

I reside in an environment of fantasy, so maintain your reality from me!

You can’t ever buy Love, but you have to cover it.

Life is Brief – Chat Fast!

Available!! Please disturb me!!

My partner dresses to eliminate. She cooks the same manner.

Updated Funny Whatsapp Status Ideas:
The social media has become a modern communication tool for people to share funny incidents by writing some interesting funny statuses to make others smile. For this purpose, we have gathered a vast collection of funny status and quotes which you can use as your WhatsApp profile.

whatsapp funny staus

Sometimes all you have to is love. Lol, just kidding, you will need money.

If you cannot encourage her then mistake her

Whenever I believe of stop smoking, I desire a cigarette.

I wish there is every day between Sunday and Sunday.

There’s only one problem with that person; I can view it.

I pretend to work. People pretend to pay me.

Behind every great man, there’s a surprised woman.

It appears like I overestimated the amount of your brain skin cells.

A man is as young as the girl he feels.

If people are conversing behind your rear, then just fart.

I am Cool but Summertime Times make me hot.

My style is exclusive don’t replicate it!

Funny Status for WhatsApp in One Line:
Furthermore, to make WhatsApp instant chat, the funny statuses get viral nowadays. Also, the most traded content is a funny WhatsApp status in Hindi. Therefore, the necessity of funny Statuses is rising among people, who can read and understand WhatsApp statuses.

funny status ideas

If something’s not heading right, try kept.

About to boogie my legs silly!

I tried being brilliant today, but I used to be just so fatigued from being wonderful yesterday.

Many people are normal until you see them on Twitter.

Back in five minutes (If not, reread this status).

I forgot to work on today. That’s five years in a row!

If I visited hell, it could take me weekly to understand I wasn’t at the job.

I hate it when I’m performing songs, and the musician gets what wrong.

I attempted being normal once. Most uninteresting hour of my entire life.

You didn’t observe that which I used a term double in this phrase.

I am 100% done with today, and about 37% finished with tomorrow.

Broken pencils are pointless.

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Short Funny Quotes for WhatsApp:
Funny Statuses are the most favorite kind of statuses available of for WhatsApp. It is a great way of making someone laugh by arranging a damn funny WhatsApp post status on your profile, that may bring instantly smile to your friend or relatives face when they read it.

funny status for whatsapp

I’m not arrogant, and I am just smart away from understanding.

Some individuals are beautifully covered containers of shit.

Whatsapp users never pass away; they just go offline.

Love is similar to fart. If you pressure it, it’s probably shit.

I told cashier- I wish to open up a joint profile with anyone who has a lot of money.

An excellent is taxes for doing incorrectly. A duty is good for successful.

I just desire a good Wireless and Wife.

Remember, if the planet didn’t suck, we all could fall season off.

Knowledge is electric power, and ability corrupts. So research hard and become evil.

Young ladies are like streets, more the curves, and more the dangerous they are simply.

The champion of the corporate jungle continues to be a rat.

Time is loved. Waste it correctly.

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