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When it comes to looking groomed, gorgeous, and hot, women have some competition now. Today’s men also want to look as appealing as could be. It’s not uncommon for men to still be rocking the same styling product as what their mothers got them at primary school. They are willing to put in all kinds of efforts to do the same. The result is seen through the mushrooming of men’s salons all over, and the market flooded with all kinds of cosmetics, especially for men.

When we talk of men’s cosmetics, hair styling products are the most sought after ones. Hair wax, hair gels, hair mousse, pomade, etc. are used by many men to ensure that they do not ever have a bad hair day. These hair care products provide a good hold to the men’s hairstyles, thus keeping them from getting messy throughout the course of the day. But which one of these is the best (hair wax or pomade)? Given below is a comparison between them.



Pomade is traditionally a petroleum-based product which provides an excellent level of hold and a fantastic shine and offers the ability to comb and reshape throughout the day. While not essentially “grease,” pomades create your hair have a high-gloss shine. Or, if you employ really shiny pomade, it makes your hair look wet. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as some hairstyles—the pompadour, for instance—actually do well with a glossy finish.

On prime of that, you will notice pomade that truly nourishes your hair. Think of it as a product that does double duty—cleans up your flyaway’s and polishes up your hair while giving it a dose of nutrients that help keep your glorious locks healthy.

If you have ever used pomade, you would know that the shine and luster that it lends to the hair is unequaled. It makes the hair a bit greasy and is thus the right choice for all men who have dry hair. If you look at the ingredients of pomade, it’s mostly made up of mineral oil, wax, and petroleum jelly. From these very ingredients, it gets its moisturizing, nourishing, and hair care qualities. However, they are more versatile and offer a stronger hold to keep styles in place. You would be shocked to understand that as pomade contains beeswax, several hair wax makers within the market are literally merchandising hair wax below the name of pomade. As it is, there is not much difference between them.


Hair Wax:

For those of you looking for a styling product that can hold a hairstyle, the wax is your answer. As the name indicates waxes area unit usually product of wax from bees and is commonly diluted with an oil or fat to form it additionally pliable. You will find it may carry some natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, etc. The purpose of this is to add shine and moisture. The finish is less shiny, more matte in appearance. Wax is best for normal to oily hair with a short to medium length. Wax doesn’t stiffen or harden your hair at all.

Waxes are going to be the best smelling. The ingredients list in this product is really short and usually all natural. So, therefore, more attention can be placed on getting a good scent in the manufacturing process. Waxes have a very wide range in smells. From bubble gum to a woody earthy smell they have it all.

Waxes are also good for people with more sensitive skin. Hair wax can keep the hair in place for a longer time, providing it with a better hold. It’s great for adding more texture and thickness. If you have frizz or odd ends that stick up, the right wax tames them extremely well.


It doesn’t last as long as pomade, but you can re-apply more easily. Even after working out a gym, you can suggest a new hair shape very easily with wax. In general, this a great product if you are always in a rush in the morning. Styling your hair is sometimes followed by a very fast cleanup method. With wax, it’s very easy to clean out of your hands in contrast to pomade.

Pomade vs wax:

If you compare the two, hair styling wax and hair pomade, both have their pros and cons.

  • Hair wax is dry and may dehydrate your hair. On the other hand, in the long run, pomade keeps the hair healthy-looking due to the presence of oils in it.


  • Wax provides a better hold, thus making it perfect for hairstyles like spikes, in which the hair stands on the head. Pomade may not provide a hold that good. So, if you have a hairstyle in which the hair simply lies flat on the head, go in for pomade.


  • Wax will generally have a thicker consistency than pomade, but still doesn’t stiffen in the same way as products such as gel will do


  • Wax can be easily removed with a single shampoo wash. On the other hand, a pomade is so greasy, that it takes a number of washes or de-greasers, such as lemon juice and olive oil, to take it out of the hair.

As you can see, both these hair styling products have their pluses and minuses. While the wax is better in case of the convenience of use, pomade scores for being better for the health of your hair. The comparison above will help you make an informed choice with regards to your hair styling needs.

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