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UK 49s Hot and Cold Numbers (latest super magical tips to choose hot numbers)

Hi everyone hope doing well, Here we are going to tell something about UK 49s hot and cold numbers. As every lotto player knows that these numbers are very important to win the lottery. So here we are going to introduce these super magical  UK 49s hot and cold  numbers to boost the chances to win. There are many players in the past who used this magical strategy and  won the lotto many of the times. We did a case studies of these previous winners and collect the numbers from them just for you to win the very golden chance.

Here firstly we will introduce the hot and cold numbers that what they actually are.  As we know that UK 49s lotto consists of two draws Lunchtime draw and teatime draw. Each draw has its own hot and and cold numbers. Here we will discuss one by one i.e.  Lunchtime hot and cold numbers & Teatime hot and cold numbers.

UK 49s Hot and Cold Numbers

The most frequently used numbers in the past draws over 15 weeks these numbers are known as hot numbers. These are considered most reliable numbers.

Cold numbers 

The very least  frequently used  numbers in the previous draws over 15 weeks are known as cold numbers. these numbers is considered unreliable numbers and players don’t want to choose them for their own draw.

UK 49s top 6 hot numbers 

There are top 6 hot numbers for UK 49s lotto that are taken from 20 previous draws to guide the players. These are 19, 39, 35,22, 2,17.

latest super magical tips to choose hot numbers

  • search the previous draw over 15 to 20 draws
  • note the most frequently used numbers
  • pair these hot numbers randomly and make a simple list
  • Try to use the paired hot numbers for your own draw
  • Avoid to choose most recent numbers for  your draw
  • Do not fully believe in previous numbers because this is the game of luck
  • Choose the numbers on your own behalf confidently
  • UK49s hot bonus numbers is one of the super useful technique


To conclude, Hot numbers are most frequently used numbers over 15 draws and cold numbers are least frequently used numbers in previous draws over 15 weeks. Players can rely on hot numbers and can choose them for their own draw. There are 6 hot numbers that are taken from previous winners these are 19, 39, 35,22, 2,17. UK 49s hot and cold number strategy is one of the very best strategy to boost the chances to win.  As we have discussed that super magical strategy above. This is very helpful for the lotto players.


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